Places – or squares – to rest in Paris

Place des voges

(I love the concept of a ‘place’ like the Italian piazza where all the kids come and hang out in the square)

Place Dauphine on Ile de la Cite (metro Cite, line 4) is a beautiful quiet spot in the middle of busy Paris. (Click on the wikipedia link for the history)

Place de Vosges, where you’ll find Victor Hugo’s house, near Bastille, is beautiful. You can sit, have a picnic, and look at the luxury apartments towering above. This place is in the movie An Education. Its in the marais, dividing the 3rd and the 4th.



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Ice cream in Paris


Berthillion  on Ile St Louis. AMAZING. I had long awaited my Berthillion experiences as it was closed every time I went. (Typical France – make sure you check the opening times.) It was worth it when I finally got one. I had chocolate nougat and salted caramel, it was incredible. The glacière is also known for gelato; so go crazy with fruity flavours.

Metro: Pont Marie (line 7)

Amorino:  is an ice cream chain, so they are everywhere. But I can’t go past one without getting a scoop. When you order a cone, they sculpt the ice cream into a flower. And if you are a student, you can get a discount at the Amorino on Rue Mouffetard. Did I mention you can get as many flavours as you like. My favourite is l’inimitiable. Omg.

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English bookshops

Shakespeare and CO

Shakespeare and Company  (Obvs). Near Metro St Michel. It is a great place for free being (think Zadie Smith). you can read in Sylvia’s library at the top, play chess, or listen to someone playing the amelie soundtrack on piano. Check the blackboard for when author’s readings are on. Usually it is a Monday night, and is totally worth it.

The Abbey Bookshop  is a tiny little canadian bookstore also near Metro St Michel with everything old and new. They serve free tea or coffee with maple syrup which is lovely when you are cold.

Galignani’s near Metro Tuilieries. This was the first english bookstore in Europe (dont know where I heard this?). It is beautiful and grand, and I saw Karl Lagerfeld walk out of there once!


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Organic / fresh food in Paris


Organic, fresh, new fusion style in food, I’d say is still developing in Paris. – this was written in 2012 – there are now more. Careful of the Price.

Rose Bakery  in the Marais or the 9th, is tasty, particularly the carrot cake. Do not order a soy mocha, it’s not very good.

Nanashi in the 10th or in the 3rd asian fusion food is delicious, the free bread is spectacular. (Photo above).

The Bal, near Metro Place de Clichy cafe english/french food is wonderful, the coffee is also a highlight. It’s at an exhibition space.

Bob’s Juice Bar, near Metro Jacques Bonseargant: New Yorker Bob has opened a juice bar, serving quinoa salads etc. There’s another restaurant of his now (2015) in the 2nd arrondissement.

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Brocantes / antique-y markets





Brocantes are scattered all over Paris. There is a good one near Metro: Les Gobelins. If you want to make the treck, the Marche Aux Puces is the biggest, at the north of Paris. I believe this photo was taken at Brocantes near Metro: Republique.

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Best streets for strolling and food

Cardinal Lemoine

Food streets

Rue des Martyrs: in the 9th, became known to my kiwi friend and I as treat street. I would love to work my way down from Kooka Boora cafe on the top, of the street, just south of Pigalle, to the church Notre Dame de Lorette. By that time, occasionally I would have a bakery treat (often from the one in the upcoming picture) in my hand that I could eat on the church steps, usually with a friend so as to not feel guilty. This was also the street where I had my phone stolen by a boy on a bike, who swiped it out of my hand.

Metro: Pigalle or Notre Dame de Lorette

Rue Mouffetard: you would have heard about this one from the guide books. It’s in the 5th (the latin quarter). and is one of the oldest streets in Paris. It is cobblestoned, and has beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables down the bottom and a whole lot of bars at the top. There are several creperies on the way, but Au Petit Grec is the one to go to. Ernest Hemingway lived here.

Metro: Cardinal Lemoine (pictured), Place Monge, Censier-Daubenton

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Gourmet pizza


Marie et Luisa; tasty pizza behind Canal St matin in the 10th. Beautiful outdoor location. Delicious food.

Metro: Goncourt or Jacques Bonseargant

Piccoli Cugini : also in the 10th, so yummy, gorgeous indoors and bar. Also features white or cream-based pizzas.

Metro: Jacques Bonseargant

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